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Pests Control

For companies of all sizes, including F&B, Central Kitchen, Food Factory, Residential, Offices, Warehouse, Industrial, Mall, and many more, Fusion 61 specializes in offering efficient pest control solutions.

All of our pest control specialists are armed with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to keep your property free of pests and safeguard the good name of your business.

Regardless of the pests, we are here to help you keep your workplace safe and hygiene so that you can conduct business. 

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All of our pest control experts have extensive training and certification from the NEA and many years of experience. We always make sure that our pest control procedures are carried out in a way that is secure, efficient, and clean.

This includes performing a thorough inspection on the scene and determining the problem’s root cause. We also carry out the required tasks, such as setting up glueboard/cage traps and applying insecticide residual spray, misting, and gel baits.

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Our Misting releases the disinfectant in millions of droplets that can spread evenly across all surfaces to ensure quick penetration and extermination.
Our medical-grade, non-rinse disinfectant product eliminates 99.99% of microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. It is non-corrosive, odourless and safe for human and pets.

About us

Fusion 61 is a locally owned business that offers reliable pest control services to Singapore’s residential, industrial, and commercial business sectors.

We offer a mess-free, effective, and safe solution for all customers with a team of NEA-certified and well-trained specialists using both traditional methods and cutting-edge technology to quickly eliminate pests.

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